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Sunday, 5 May 2013

Adelina Ismajli, i do fansat me shume se politiken... [VIDEO]

Adelina Ismajli: Nuk jam tip per politike, do me fusnin ne burg menjehere

E veshur me te zeza, ndoshta nje nga ngjyrat e saj me te perdorura te garderobes, kengetarja Adelina Ismajli ka ardhur ne Prishtine per te kenduar ne 23-vjetorin e themelimit te LDK-se.

Adelina ka kenduar dy kenge, kengen hit te saj kushtuar presidentit historik me titull “Ushtrine time do ta bej me Ibrahim Rugoven” dhe nje tjeter kenge nga repertori i saj me titull “Skenderbe”. Kengetarja ka dashur te kendoje edhe nje kenge te trete, por sic duket nuk eshte lejuar, pasi edhe kengetarja tjeter e ftuar ne kete ceremoni, Edona Llalloshi, ka kenduar po dy kenge, aq sa ishte programuar.

Lajmi i perfshirjes se saj ne politike u perhap menjehere dhe zgjoi kuriozitetin e te gjitheve. Nje kengetare me nje karriere te gjate ne skene dhe me shume fansa dhe mbi te gjitha nje adhuruese e te ndjerit Ibrahim Rugova, nuk eshte se nuk bente sens nese do te orientohej ne politike. Mediat kane perfituar nga rasti per t’i marre nje prononcim mbi te rejat e fundit. Adelina eshte pergjigjur: “Nuk eshte e vertete qe do futem ne politike dhe nuk e di pse ka dale ky lajm. E vertete qe une jam adhuruese e Ibrahim Rugoves dhe do perkrah shpirterisht ate force politike, por une nuk jam tip qe mund te merrem me politike. Une jam natyre shume impulsive dhe e di mire qe kjo e demton dike qe duhet te merret me politike. Jam e sigurt qe, po te merresha me politike, do te perfundoja ne burg, se e njoh mire veten”, – thote ajo. Adelina rrefen se eshte ultranacionaliste dhe ka frike se politika mund t’i largoje fansat e saj qe i ka fituar me shume pune dhe ka kohe, por ka lene te hamendesohet se ne te ardhmen nuk i dihet. Edhe vete politikanet e njohur te LDK-se nuk e perceptojne se si nje kengetare si Adelina mund te jete ne mesin e tyre si politikane. E pyetur per muziken, ajo rrefen se ka nje projekt gjigant, por pa dhene detaje se per cfare behet fjale, ndersa per koncerte vere ne zonat shqipfolese ajo tha se do ta kete te pamundur per shkak te angazhimeve, megjithate nuk i dihet, por fjalen nuk e jep.

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[[ translation by google:
Adelina: I am not the type of policy will immediately put you into jail on

Dressed in black, perhaps one of the colors used her wardrobe, singer Adelina has come to Pristina to sing in the 23-th anniversary of the LDK. Adele sang two songs, her hit song dedicated to historic president titled "My Army will do with Ibrahim Rugova" and another song from her repertoire entitled "Skanderbeg". The singer wanted to sing a third song, but apparently is not allowed, as well as other guest singer at the ceremony, Edona Llalloshi, I sang two songs, so it was programmed.

The news of her involvement in politics and spread quickly aroused the curiosity of everyone. A singer with a long career on stage and many fans and above all a fan of the late Ibrahim Rugova, does not make sense is that if the policy oriented. Media have benefited from the opportunity to get a statement on the latest news. Adele responded: "Not really that into politics and do not know why this news has emerged. The fact that I am fan of Ibrahim Rugova and spiritually supports the political strength, but I'm not the type who can deal with politics. I'm very impulsive nature and know that it hurts someone who has to deal with politics. I am sure that if the policy was dealing with, would end in prison, that I know well myself, "- she said. Adele confesses that it ultranationalist politics and fears can remove her fans that has earned a lot of work and time, but left to assume that the future is unknown. Even the prominent politicians of the LDK not perceive that as a singer as Adele may be among them as politicians. Asked about the music, she confesses that there is a huge project, but no details were given about what it is, and for summer concerts in speaking areas it said it would be impossible because of commitments, however, is not known, but the word not given. ]]

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