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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Adelina Ismajli: Kush tha qe s'jam martuar! [VIDEO]

Adelina Ismajli te "Prive"
...Jam martuar, mezi pres te behem nene

Intervista qe do te lexoni me poshte, do t’ju lere pa fjale, sepse kjo eshte gjeja qe di te beje me mire Adelina Ismaili. Befason gjithmone, me performanca, kenge e pergjigje... Pergjigje keto, qe ne kete interviste te shkurter per “Prive” jane thene me troc se kurre. Sic shprehu po ne te njejten menyre perpara disa javesh deshiren e madhe qe ka per t’u bere nene... “Prioriteti im per momentin eshte krijimi i nje familjeje, lindja e nje femije”, - pohoi Adelina, e cila, ne kete interviste rrefen edhe sakrificen qe do te beje kur te mbese shtatzene...

Tri detajet qe i mungojne karakterit tend?
Dyfytyresia, prepotenca, kurveria.
Kafe, me apo pa qumesht?
Me qumesht.
Profesioni qe gjithmone ke enderruar?
A i beson horoskopit?
Po, deri diku, kur ka gjera te bukura.
A ka dale druri nga xheneti?
Per ke te ka marre malli?
Per dajen, shume.
A je alergjike ndaj mashtrimeve?
Shume, deri ne masen ekstreme.
A fle me corape?
Jo, kurre.
Kur e ke bere ne plan ta lesh duhanin?
Kur te mbetem shtatzene.
Stresi, cfare eshte per ty?
Hip-hop-ist nga Shqiperia.
A shikon futboll?
Vetem kur me detyron Vali.
Cfare i mungon Estrades?
A je shtatzene?
Duhet te pyesim Valin.
A te bien floket?
Normal, besoj si te gjithe njerezve.
A po te mungon Mona (mamaja)?
Po, me mungon me me share Mona.
A e mban telefonin me fjalekalim?
A ke frike nga macja e zeze?
Cili emision televiziv te permbush?
“Zone e Lire”.
Kur e ke bere ne plan te martohesh?
Kush tha qe s’jam martuar!
Marredhenia e fundit seksuale?
Para nje ore.

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[[ translation by google:
Adelina Ismaili : I'm married , I can not wait to be a mother

Interviews will read below , will leave you speechless , because that is what I know best deals Adelina Ismaili . Always surprising , with performances , music and answer ... Answer these , that in this short interview for " Prive " are said bluntly than ever . As expressed in the same way a few weeks ago that has a great desire to become a mother ... " My priority at present is to create a family , birth of a child " , - said Adelina , which , in this interview tells the sacrifice that will make you become pregnant when ...
Three missing details of your character ?
VOLTE , prepotency , fornication .
Coffee , with or without milk ?
With milk .
Profession that you always dreamed of ?
Paparazzi .
Do you believe in horoscope ?
Yes , to some extent , when beautiful things .
A tree has come from paradise ?
Finally .
For whom do you miss ?
For uncle , too .
Are you allergic to fraud ?
Many , to the extent extreme .
Do you sleep with socks ?
No , never .
When do you plan to leave smoking ?
When to get pregnant .
Stress , what is for you ?
Hip - hop - ist from Albania .
Do you see football ?
Only when Vali forces .
What is lacking Estrada ?
Education .
Are you pregnant ?
Valin must ask .
A hair fall ?
Normal , as I believe all people .
Are you missing Mona ( mother ) ?
Yes , I miss the Mona insulting me .
A phone keeps the password ?
Are you afraid of a black cat ?
What telecast meet ?
" Free Zone " .
When do you plan to marry ?
Who say I'm not married !
Last sexual intercourse ?
Before an hour . ]]

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